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Finding Rare and Collectible Coins

Many shop owners are dealers that know a lot of information about coins and are selling coins too. These coin shops are a valuable place to find and gain more information about coins and coin collecting. These coin shops can be costly, though, as they are anticipating selling their coins for a profit.

With enough knowledge and/or having someone who know a great deal about coin collecting at your side, you can get great prices for your coins. You will probably also see several new coins that are available and suitable for your collection.

These coins shows are great not only for sellers and buyers but also for coin enthusiasts who want to see rare and hard to find coins.There are thousands of dealers worldwide and most of them have websites that allow buy coins and pay for them through mail order or through any online payment system such as Paypal. for more information visit

Collect Coins Make Money

Numismatic coins are an asset, that increase in value over time. Sometimes they do go down in value, but it shows though out history that graded coins generally increase in value over time. This is defiantly the case for rare or low, minted coins that have been graded. When a coin is graded, it has been certified by a third party that the coin is of a specific standard. The grading scale for coins are on a 70 point scale devised by Dr William Shelby for his famous work, “Penny Whimsy” on early large cents. 0 means that you can pretty much tell that it was once a coin, while 70 means that it is perfect. Note that 60 is uncirculated.

This is a new coin from the mint that hasn’t been put into public and may have a scratch or two from being in a bag of other coins. Here is were it gets good.Now that you know about grading, take a coin out of your pocket. Say it is a 1997 Washington Quarter. Your coin is defiantly circulated, and its value (unless there is a minted flaw on it) is probably only worth 25 cents. But if your quarter was graded and put into a protective slab, on the low end of MS 60, your coin would be worth about 58 cents, double its face value. Now take for instance a coin like the American Eagle.

These coins are a lower minted coin, so write off the bat there is a hire demand for them, which increases it value already. A 1997 Silver Eagle 1 dollar coin is worth about $18 dollars circulated.. That’s if you had one in your pocket rite now.. But if you had one that was graded it could be worth 10 times that amount.. An MS 60 1997 Silver Eagle is worth about $35 dollars. If you had an MS 70 Silver Eagle (the highest grade) it would be worth $500 dollars.. This is what my friend meant by “Collect Coins Make Money”. If in 1997 when I was just out of high school I would have collected just 10 of those silver eagles I would have a very nice little savings for myself and family.

Why Should You Invest In High Quality Graded Collectible Coins

There are many benefits on investing in graded collectible coins. A study of the historical value of these coins shows that they tend to only increase in value. A reason for this is that they are in huge demand by everyone from the small time hobbyists the rich coin enthusiasts. Collectible graded coins have always been valued by serious investors. This is due to the basic underlying material. Coins are unlike many other forms of investment grade material such as art. In these areas there is too much risk involved due to fashion and what is popular at the moment.There are many benefits to owning valuable coins.

One of the best reasons for putting your money in these types of coins is that they tend to be safe even when other investments are not. Consider art and fine art collectors. They are at the fate of popular opinion and the audience for an artist will determine if their investment holds. This is not true with coins.By investing in coins you are making a wise choice, but there are things you need to know. Chief among them is that you cannot just buy any coin and think it will increase in value. This is simply incorrect thinking. First off, the coins that you will want are in demand, and are also in very good condition.

There are guides that will tell you how to grade a coin. It is not necessary that you grade a coin without any form of assistance. By using a guide you can determine with some accuracy what a coin is worth. There are various methods and most can be learned from a coin guide. Learning how to grade a coin from a book or from a magazine is fine. However if you are going to invest large sums of money then you will want to take the time and find a coin that has been graded to be of high quality from one of the recognized firms that grade coins. These companies give a stamp of approval so to speak, and the coins graded by them can be bought and sold more easily than without. for more information visit